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We provide logistical  support for large and small outdoor events:

Producing a flawless outdoor event can be tricky, but with proper planning and considerations in place you can prevent an even from the most destructive event mishaps.  Here is a list of 4 event elements that are critical to the success of outdoor events:


  1. Barricades Crowd Control
    At large special events including concerts, festivals, road races and sporting events, crowd control is essential for the safety of everyone.  Renting temporary fencing for crowd control will help alleviate possible security threats and enhance the comfort of your guests.  Fencing is also a great way to section off different areas such as backstage, VIP, management, and general admission. Consider renting privacy fencing if you are planning an event that requires a fee for admission.
  2. Power/Lighting
    If you are holding an event in the evening hours be sure to plan for lighting.  All walkways, bathrooms, tents and parking areas should be properly lit to provide a safe comfortable environment for your guests.  Take advantage of the added ambiance that lighting provides by getting creative with color and placement.Lights require power, but they are not the only event elements that require energy.  Think about all the areas you might need power (food/drink stations, digital signage, audio/visual, heaters/AC/fans.) Grab your event layout and determine where the power sources will be placed and how much power will be needed.  Have on hand plenty of power cords and surge protectors.  And remember it never hurts to have a backup generator in case the power goes down.
  3. First Aid
    A top priority of event planners should be the health and safety of all guests in attendance. For larger events be sure to have onsite emergency medical services set-up at a designated first-aid station. The level of service may vary depending on the size of event, type of event, alcohol availability, temperature/time of year, and demographics of the crowd. Think about the medical needs of your event to determine if you need a basic first aid station, or a station that includes a nurse, doctor, or ambulance. –
  4. Restroom Facilities
    Under normal conditions most people will use sanitation facilities once every three to four hours. Don’t forget to consider that the consumption of food, liquids, beer, and other alcoholic beverages will increase portable restroom usage by 30-40%.  Long lines will cut into the comfort of your guests as well as your profit margins if they leave early or stop eating and drinking.  Typically you can expect 150 uses per each restroom.Proper sanitation helps to avoid bad public relations and poor future attendance. Some restroom planning considerations for your Special events include:
      • Place your units in large banks to offer the best utilization and are easy for patrons to locate.
      • Flushable or non-flushable?   A minimal additional investment in flushable units will leave a very positive impression with your guests.
      • Upscale trailers offer a more luxury experience and work great in VIP areas.